Ladies Bridge, Cruden Bay, Aberdeen - Job 4072

The original bridge was constructed in 1922 following a fundraising drive led by local women and thereby named Ladies Bridge.  The bridge was closed recently following concerns it would collapse following severe storm damage.  Local community groups were again involved in raising funds to secure a new bridge as it is a vital link to the beach and local businesses.

CTS carried out a photographic and dimensional survey of the existing bridge and its support trestles.  A new structural design was prepared by current design codes whilst maintaining the principles of the original structure.

Cosmetically the new bridge adopts the distinctive diagonal paling arrangement for the parapets although the new parapet is not painted.  The entire structure uses sustainable Ekki hardwood which is naturally durable and well suited to the coastal environment; omitting paint does not reduce the service life of the structure but removes a maintenance requirement.

The footbridge has sustainable Ekki hardwood Hi-Grip Excel which has two non-slip strips of resin bauxite bonded into two grooves in each deck board.  This provides a safe, slip resistant surface on the bridge deck.  Hi-Grip Excel decking is manufactured by CTS Bridges Ltd and is available to purchase as a stand-alone product.

For the site phase, CTS acted as sole contractor.  The tidal location limited the works that could be undertaken each day.  Early on in the design phase, the site dates and associated tide times were identified in order to determine the installation sequence and in-turn the level of pre-fabrication of each element to be undertaken at CTS's factory.  The result was an efficient execution on site with all superstructure works being completed in less than 2 weeks.

Published: Monday, 8th June 2015 at 2:35pm