Kings Newnham Bridge refurbished with Hi-Grip Excel deck

The 200 No Hi-Grip Excel Ekki deck boards were supplied to CLM Construction cut to exact length to ensure a quick and efficient re-fit on site onto the newly refurbished Kings Newnham footbridge.

CLM Construction and their client Warwickshire County Council were delighted with the non-slip finish of the Hi-Grip Excel inserts.  The two inserts are bonded into the grooves in the timber to provide a slip resistant walking surface.  The timber deck is FSC Ekki which is an extremely durable timber that will last in excess of 30 years during normal service with minimal maintenance required so is ideal for bridges, steps, decks, platforms etc.  By combining the sustainable Ekki with the Hi-Grip Excel inserts means a long lasting deck board with excellent non-slip properties that gives more than 94 units of slip resistance in tests. (The recommended slip resistance is 45 units).

Published: Friday, 4th May 2018 at 2:00pm