Hi-Spec Bridge for Luxury Apartments in Chelsea

The scheme was originally discussed with CTS as an architectural concept created by Broadway Malyan with the intention for CTS to work with the architect and provide a short mock up section for the clients acceptance.  When the time came for CTS to develop the bridge as a whole, CTS were appointed by Elite Landscapes to undertake design, manufacture and installation of the bridge. 

CTS's design engineers offered different structural options to best achieve the architectural intent, resulting in 'hidden' structural supports to minimise beam depth.

CTS were able to modify some details from the architects concept to help buildability, and during fabrication identified further details which would benefit from subsequent refinement when the bridge proper was constructed to prevent distortion issues while minimising light spillage.

The 24m long bridge comprises a deceptively simple, elegant concept incorporating acrylic rods into the painted steel frame at close centres which when lit from their base, provide an illuminated enclosure, while a stripped down secondary internal handrail provides pedestrian restraint.

To achieve the desired simple lines, careful detailing was required to house the lighting rods and conceal their power supply and driver units discretely.  Precision fabrication was needed to realise this ambition.

The light boxes were incorporated integrally into the base of the structural beams ready for the lighting contractor Wishbone Exterior Lighting to work their magic and illuminate the bridge with a combination of uplights and patterned acrylic tubes supplied by Anglia Plastics. 

CTS worked closely with Elite Landscapes, Principal Contractor, to ensure all trades were co-ordinated to deliver a successful scheme.

The final result is a stunning illuminated bridge that provides a stylish focal point over the meandering waterway at the Chelsea Creek Development.

Photograph supplied by Berkeley St George.

Published: Wednesday, 15th November 2017 at 10:40am