Hi-Grip Excel Softwood Deck for Maydencroft Ltd

The boards ordered by Maydencroft were 45mm thick x 145mm wide and were cut to various lengths free of charge by CTS prior to delivery.  The boards were ordered in batches as the scheme progressed to minimise the requirement for storing on site.  Digger Cooke-Hurle from Maydencroft kindly supplied the photographs of the finished boardwalk scheme in Bishop Stortford.

CTS provide their Hi-Grip Excel non-slip decking in both softwood and hardwood timbers.  They have two non-slip strips in each board to provide a safe walking area for the general public.   The deck boards are 145mm wide and are available in 33mm thick, 45mm thick or 70mm thick.  The boards are cut to length free of charge or can be supplied in random lengths for cutting on site.  A delivery service is provided to all areas of the UK.

CTS’s anti-slip decking is designed in accordance with Section 10 of BD29/04 which covers walkway surfaces. Paragraph 10.3 states ‘The minimum slip resistance of traversed areas shall be equivalent to a mean corrected Pendulum Test Value of 45 units using a standard skid resistance pendulum test.’ 

The test report confirmed that ‘skid resistance values obtained were consistently high, achieving levels in excess of 90 Pendulum Test Value initially and above 75 throughout the lifetime of the product.  Please contact us for a leaflet or for more information on 01484 606416.

Published: Monday, 29th February 2016 at 3:00pm