FRP Composite Bridges

The lightweight components mean they can be man-handled into remote sites making them easier, quicker and more economical to install.  They can quickly  be assembled in situ minimising possession times and equipment hire. They require minimal maintenance and because they are manufactured from Glass Fibre Polymers they are extremely durable.  FRP bridges are designed with a 120 year design life and will not corrode.

FRP Composite bridges have many advantages for bridge construction and our structural engineers will be happy to discuss our services for FRP bridge design and manufacture and confirm the best style of bridge for each application.   The choice of design, materials and construction techniques can results in lower costs than designs based on other more traditional materials.  Reduced assembly, installation and craneage costs for installation is one of the main benefits along with durability and aesthetic design forms..

Published: Friday, 12th July 2013 at 10:40am