New to CTS's Bridge range are Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bridges (FRP).  These lightweight bridges are ideal for locations were access is difficult.  Another major benefit is that these FRP bridges are virtually maintenance free once installed on site.  The bridges can be delivered in kit form or fully assembled and due to the lightness of the components, they can even be installed by helicopter in areas where crane access is not possible.

CTS have recently designed and manufacture Fibre Reinforced Polymer bridges for three reservoir locations in Scotland.  Two of the bridges were intalled by helicopter at a remote site in Stirling.  Access to the site was impossible for delivery vehicles or traditional craneage so a helicopter was used to off load the delivery waggon and place the new bridges onto the abutments at Earlsburn Reservoir.  Once installed CTS then added the deck planks to the bridge to complete the installation on site.

Published: Monday, 10th June 2013 at 3:35pm