Cycle/Bridle Bridge at Scredda Bridge, Cornwall

A new bridge linking St Austell to The Eden Project was installed by CTS Bridges during a night time road closure over the A391 Carluddon Road, Scredda Bridge, Cornwall.

The bridge provides an essential link for walkers, cyclists and horse riders through the Clay Trails in Cornwall.

Alex Hoffen, Project Manager for Cormac praised CTS for a successful delivery and installation, and added "the bridge will benefit pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists, young, old and disabled with the main aim being towards sustainability, health, wellbeing and the environment".

The bridge was designed by CTS as a tied arch formed from 500mm diameter CHS with steel hollow section hangers and sub-frame.  The deck is overlaid with rubber tiles in order to provide a safe and quiet surface for horse riders.  The 1.8m high parapet comprises steel uprights and top rail with stainless steel weldmesh and a 625mm solid steel toe board.  The bridge was transported in one piece from Huddersfield to Cornwall on a 5 axle triple extender step frame vehicle under police escort for the last part of the journey.  CTS planned and supervised the installation using a 350t crane.

Published: Friday, 28th August 2015 at 11:10am