Award Winning Cyclebridge at Bow to Olympic Park

CTS Bridges of Huddersfield are proud to have designed, manufactured and installed the award winning cycle bridge and ramps connecting Bow Rivrside with the Olympic Park.  The new structure installed by CTS beneath the Bow Flyover forms a suspended walk and cycleway which connects the River Thames along the Lea Valley to Waltham Abbey.  In the past, it was necessary to leave the path, cross four lanes of traffic and return to the route on the other side of a roundabout making it dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

The new structure installed by CTS Bridges was the winner of Best Cycling Facility 2011 awarded by the London Cycling Campaign.  LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said 'Bow towpath is a deserving winner of a London Cycling Award for its engineering excellence'.

This unique structure is connected to a suspended pathway essentially creating a fly-under the A11/A12 road junction.  Due to the restricted nature of the site a floating 50 tonne crane was used to lift the 16.25m x 3m wide bridge into place. 

CTS worked closely with May Gurney and British Waterways on the £2.4m project which will enable walkers and cyclists access along the River Lee Navigation towpath towards the Olympic Park and on into the Hertfordshire countryside. CTS manufactured the bridge and ramps and transported them to site.

Sally Preston our Engineer on this scheme said "Its great to know that our work will help make the walking and cycling routes to the Olympic Park a safer and more pleasant way for people to travel in the area.  It's easy to think that the games are just a London-centric event, but business from across the UK are involved in helping make it all happen. 

We are very pleased to see that the quality of design & fabriction in this structure from teh CTS team in Yorkshire will be on show to the thousands of people who will be using the new ridge and fly-under before, during and after the games".



Published: Thursday, 7th July 2011 at 10:35am